Chairman's Desk

"Pharmaceutical business is one of the most exclusive, organised endeavour planned and managed with professional wisdom and is a very continuous process"


(Founder & Managing Director)

When we scroll down the years and think of the past, I feel ecstatic that within a span of two decades we have crossed many miles and mountains. I firmly believe that today’s destiny is nothing but a milestone of future’s destiny. We have to keep moving on and on. We started in 1994 with a small budget, a much smaller team and in a small town, to do something great. “Great”, as it is easy to spell, but difficult to achieve.

Over the years came many hurdles, and detractors but I with an excellent team at Zee managed to overcome them, in a gentle way. We started with a small manufacturing unit in the city of Karnal but now we can proudly acclaim that in the past few years Zee has emerged as one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in the Indian subcontinent.

We have been innovative in our endeavours. Therefore, we have always voiced for excellence, because of this pursuit, Zee group is forging ahead, constantly laying emphasis on customer satisfaction and confidence through quality control and quality assurance of international standards.

Our competent, dedicated and dynamic team, is augmenting the growth rapidly. While pertaining to cater larger audience and fulfilling their demands, a dedicated team of more than 2000 employees work towards delivering the best results with no compromise being made on quality. We say, “It is our mission to be the leading company in our field of activity, service, excellence and global expansion through quality measures and self reliance.”

As European medicines are unaffordable; this is where Indian medicines act as saviours for the poor and needy in various parts of the world. There are many parts of the world where people are losing their lives due to poverty which makes them inefficient in buying the right medicine. “We intend to manufacture affordable medicines and take them to all parts of the world where people need them most.” Our Mantra for success is: “First step towards creating an improved future is developing the ability to envision it.”