Our Global Presence

Zee Laboratories Limited has rapidly expanded in different countries with-in a decade. Our products are extensively marketed and promoted internationally in different countries of Central Asia, South East Asia, Asia Pacific, African Continent and Central America. Exporting Wellness to over 50 Countries around the Globe:

Afghansitan Sri Lanka Tajikistan Cambodia Bolivia
Philippines Myanmar Republic Of Congo Portugal Angola
Ghana Uganda Kyrgyzstan Peru Armenia
Bangladesh Nepal Bhutan Burundi Cameroon
Curacao Island Fiji Dubai Ecuador Ethiopia
Uzbekistan Thailand Georgia Guatemala Mauritania
Mauritius Hong Kong Laos Vietnam Nigeria
Iraq Ivory Coast Kenya Liberia North Sudan
South Sudan Madagascar Maldives Yemen Oman
Papua New Guinea East Timor Rwanda Ukraine Ireland
Latvia Maldova Democratic Republic Of Congo
Zee Laboratories has its own registered companies in five Countries including UK and Germany.